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Sure, in the little that is not simply

Sure, in the little that is not simply

Correct! But, of the Olympus, know which: you would not revile myself that have problem while having aside having it. [So you’re able to their slaves.] Give that hated issue and this immediate ahead of his eyes760she may die alongside this lady bridegroom.

Outrage towards the at any of philoi who’re willing to allow you to

Zero, perhaps not next to me personally. Do not ever that is amazing. She will not pass away next to me, and never search on my face once again along with your sight. 765

Help your wade. Assist him act and you may consider more than exactly what befits one. Nevertheless these one or two females, he’ll maybe not save yourself them away from dying.

Of the best the woman where in fact the road is actually deserted of individuals. I will mask the lady alive into the a rocky cave, means onward (92) sufficient dinner to leave pollution775 therefore, the whole area may avoid miasma. There begging Hades, exactly who by yourself of gods she reveres, perchance she will perhaps not die, or she’ll arrive at realize, late however, for a change, one revering what’s inside the Hades was continuously labor.780 [Creon stays on-stage. (93) ]

Eros, undefeated when you look at the race, Eros, just who falls abreast of property, just who, throughout the soft face off an early on woman, stays the night time vigil, just who traverses over seas 785 and you will certainly one of pastoral dwellings, your nothing of immortals is escape, none throughout the day-a lot of time mortals, in which he who may have your was maddened. 790

Your wrest brand new heads of probably the just out in order to injustice, on their exhaustion. You have got incited which quarrel certainly one of bloodstream kin. Attention shining on eyelids 795 regarding a highly-bedded bride-to-be is out there, spouse inside the rule towards gods’ higher ordinances. She facing whom not one parece.800

Now, by this big date, even We me personally in the morning transmitted away from ordinances of your gods within seeing this. I’m no further able to stanch brand new streams regarding tears, when i find Antigone here addressing the newest bridal-spaces that provides other individuals to all.805

Zero song at my matrimony done out for my situation,815 however, I shall wed Acheron

Get a hold of myself, citizens from my paternal property, strolling my personal history path and you may beholding my last light of your own sun– never again. But Hades,810 new the-supplier out of others, leads me personally way of life to help you Acheron’s (94) coastline, rather than a portion away from wedding hymns.

Therefore, rather than renown and you will praise, (95) you are departing on recesses of lifeless, none struck by the throwing away ailment nor obtaining wages of your own blade.820But under your very own rules, alive, alone and you may unique of mortals, you’ll appear in order to Hades.

I read that she perished very sorrowfully, the Phrygian guest, daughter of Tantalus, on the peak825 away from Mt. Sipylus, just who a rocky increases particularly tenacious ivy understated. (96) Rain and snowfall, it will be the chat of males, never get off her since the she pines out.830Beneath the lady overhanging high cliffs always sobbing, she moistens this lady valleys. (97) Extremely such their, new goddess bedrooms me.

Zero, she actually is a god begotten from god, so we try mortals produced so you can die.835 And yet, it’s a neat thing for a dead lady to listen you to definitely she obtains a share on goodness-such while you are alive and you may, afterwards, if you’re lifeless.

O me personally, I am teased. As to why, by gods of your fathers, why do you discipline (98) myself, whenever i haven’t gone840but are when you look at the basic sight before you could? O area and its particular guys of several property, io, Dircaean springs and you will precinct out-of Thebes rich in chariots,845 at the least I keeps thee (99) given that witnesses in order to exactly how unwept from the philoi by exactly what laws and regulations (100) am i going to the new stone-entombed container from my personal unprecedented mound. Io, wretched me, a good corpse850among anyone and never one of corpses, a great metic, (101) maybe not one of several living, rather than among the many deceased.